carol3-revisedHi, I'm Carol Page, author of the Soulmate Discovery Programme (SDP).

The SDP is an online system that will help you find – and keep – your ideal partner.

Do you:

- Repeatedly attract the wrong type of person in relationships?

 - Struggle to overcome negative emotions and head-talk?

 - Long to meet someone you can really trust and feel a deep connection with?

 - Lack confidence in the dating scene?

 - Know that you are currently with the wrong person but are fearful of being alone?

Then this programme is for you.

The SDP will help you become more aware or mindful, so that you begin dating with greater understanding, taking full account of what you are doing and help you discover the love of your life.

It is made up of three modules with seven units in each module:

image003Module 1 - Sorting the Baggage 

Here you will take an in-depth look at yourself, recognising repeating patterns of self-destructive behaviour and how to overcome them. You will also identify your values and interests so that you better understand yourself and what you are looking for in a relationship.


Module 2 - Planning the Trip

This module will help you become clear about what drives and excites you, the type of person who would make a good match for you, and how to attract that type of person into your life.

Module 3 - Taking the Journey

In this final module you will identify where to go to meet your ideal match, develop some really valuable social and dating skills and become familiar with how to use on-line dating in a safe and effective way.

The SDP stands on its own and you can work through each module in your own time and by yourself.

Alternatively, you can book some one-to-one coaching sessions with me, to help you get even more out of the programme. Through a combination of online working and one-to-one coaching I will support you through your journey towards finding that very special person to be with you, until you are confident that this person is just right for you.

It is my desire to help you find true and lasting love with someone who is crazy about you.

If what you’ve been doing hasn’t been working, then Register now for the Soulmate Discovery Programme, and change your life!


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Each SDP Module costs €25

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